Smile with invisalign

Success in all stages of your life always goes through a moment of great happiness, so you can never hide your smile! In addition to that smiling is good for the body and mind, the smile is the key piece in your daily life because it also says a lot about who you really are. Many people today seek to make their smile more perfect and for that they resort to innovative processes. The traditional metal appliance gives way to the most advanced technology in terms of orthodontics through invisalign. This powerful innovative technique has already transformed the smile of hundreds of people and is one of the best recognized on the market. In this treatment, the patient will find all the advantages of a conventional device, but totally innovative and more practical. Brackets give way to a resistant, removable, comfortable and invisible material. Invisalign is the perfect alternative to escape the more conventional methods. At Dentistas Lisboa, this treatment is available and you can count on the best professionals, make your appointment online.

The whole process is advanced and very practical, but requires very careful and rigorous planning. The technology joins oral health and offers the patient fantastic and totally innovative results. This treatment allows the patient to use a series of transparent aligners totally designed according to their characteristics. This solution is very much in demand today because its versatility allows to correct more complex situations to lighter problems. Among these situations, pathologies such as open bite, widely spaced teeth, cross bite, prognathism, crowded teeth and deep bite may be present. All of these situations, if not corrected, can give rise to much more complicated problems. 

Invisalign is able to move all kinds of smiles. This treatment is clinically proven and effective, following all recommendations and standards guided by the order of dentists. This whole system works very discreetly, so each patient will be able to make his life normal and without complications. This solution allows a very affordable cleaning and its use is practically imperceptible. The aligners are designed according to the gingival line of each patient, which means that it can be used in total comfort. There are countless reasons and advantages to resort to this powerful treatment you just need to seek the advice of an invisalign specialist. Happier days will have you and your smile is sure to be grateful!